Do you think about the future of our planet and your personal role in the environmental pollution? The Zero Waist movement is increasingly gaining popularity in the world, what is totally good. Many people are looking for ways to reduce excessive waste. Fortunately, new, eco-friendly products for everyday use are being developed to help solving the problem of environmental pollution. There is an opinion that the rejection of plastic will be too expensive, but in this article we will look at not only affordable, but also allowing you to save in the future reusable products from Aliexpress, which will be an excellent substitute for plastic in everyday use.

1. Grocery Bag

Reduce the amount of using plastic by bringing your own reusable bags for vegetables and other products. The store offers packages of different sizes. Materials: cotton.

2. Travel Cutlery Set

To avoid throwing away plastic a single use cutlery after , you can purchase forks and spoons for picnics and travel made of wheat straw. They are quite strong, suitable for repeated use. Among other advantages, they are light and easy to use, have an ecological packaging. you can order forks and spoons for picnics and travel from wheat straw. They are quite strong and ready to reuse. There is also an ecological packaging.

3. Bamboo Toothbrush

If it’s time to replace your toothbrush, switch to bamboo, a biodegradable material. These toothbrushes will suit those who love minimalistic design and simplicity.

4. Metal straws for drinks

We all know about the existence of paper straws, but their main disadvantage is that they quickly lose their shape and get wet. An excellent alternative for home would be a set that consists of 4 metal tubes with a small brush for cleaning them.

5. Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup

This cup has 6 designs to choose from. Its main part is made of bamboo fiber, and the handle and lid are made of silicone. It is easy to wash and there are space for 340 grams of the drink. You can always take it with you, many coffee shops will even give you a discount for using your own cup.

6. Reusable Beeswax Diaper.

You will never need food wrap again! This product is made from cotton soaked in beeswax to provide a leak-proof coating for lidless bowls. It can be used repeatedly, for up to a year. It is very easy to clean. On the website, you can choose from several sizes and designs.

7. Silicone bag for food storage.

You can no longer spend money on single-use bags! These silicone bags can be washed and also used in the microwave.

8. Silicone food containers.

That are really easy to use and wash containers that will help you to store food without using plastic.

9. Reusable sponge for dish washing.

Natural sponge for washing dishes, soft, comfortable and durable.

10. Reusable shopping bag.

And the last product is an eco-bag. It will help you save money on disposable bags and help the environment.