How to create positive habits

Things I did not know about Habits before

Okay, we All know that the quality of habits determines the quality of life. Many of us definitely tried to create a lot of new habits before. The most common principle I could get in the latest past is to plan everything I was able to plan. That was my biggest mistake!

The new habit is usually just a step to a goal, but not the goal itself. That’s why it is so easy to give up not seeing the result at the moment. There is no motivation to do the same things every day and people try to motivate themselves with the future result.

What is interesting here is that usually we do not lack the motivation, we lack clarity! It means we are planning to do something but we do not know exactly at what time and how long. At the beginning is more important to define the time for a new habit that will allow you to do it regularly. We already have some things we do every day: some common habits. There are three types: positive, negative and neutral ones. Such as breakfast, taking a bas to work or school, some homework or watching TV (YouTube). There is a good way to get a new action in your daily routine is to connect a new positive habit to a neutral one which is already exist. For example: reading some pages of a book after breakfast. Or meditate right when you wake up.

Here is one another important thing I noticed: overwhelming does not allow to start! “Don’t plan more than you are ready to do, plan less!” – that is what I said to me. Sometimes when we give ourselves the bigger task than we can really do trying to get what we want as quickly as possible we just give up after some days. There was a great example by one of the readers of Atomic Habits by James Clear, — Justin, he started going to a gym, which was less than a mile from his home, the deal was just to come there every day, in the beginning he came and was going back home after 5 minutes, but the result was that in some time he started to exercise and lost weight, now it is 2,5 years of experience, he works out from 8 to 10 times in a week.

James Сlear is also saying about identity-based habits. The concept of building such habits is focusing on the type of person you wish to become rather than the result you want to achieve.

So this three things helped me to look to my routine from a different view.